Installation Instructions

To install docrafts Digital Designer™ on your machine:

  1. Insert disc 1. You should automatically be prompted to install. If you are not prompted, double click the file "Digital Designer Installer". You should be prompted to install docrafts Digital Designer™, please follow the on-screen instructions and, if required, allow for administrator permissions. You may also be prompted to first install Adobe AIR.
  2. Upon opening the docrafts Digital Designer™ you may be prompted to update. We recommend installing these FREE updates as we often release new functionality, designer digi-punches, templates and verses.

To import new version CDs into your Library:

  1. With the disc inserted in your disc drive, you should automatically be prompted by the docrafts Digital Designer™ to ‘Import’ the disc. Click the "Add to Library" button in the popup, this should then disappear and the progress bar should load. Please be patient and do not use your computer while this in progress.

    Note: Your internet connection will affect the speed of the update process.

    Note: Ensure you have sufficient space on your System disc before importing or changing the library storage location in Settings.
  2. Once each disc has imported the progress bar should disappear and you may be prompted to install the next disc. If you wish to import another disc, remove the previous and insert the new disc into your disc drive before repeating the previous step.

    Note: Discs may appear to be blank, but do not worry. The CD has been specially designed to work with the new docrafts Digital Designer™. Simply open up the application and you will either be automatically prompted to import or you can click "Add to Library".

In the vast majority of cases, installation of docrafts Digital Designer™ is a quick and smooth operation. Unfortunately no two computers are exactly alike.

What to do if something goes wrong:

  1. We firstly recommend ensuring all software is updated. This includes but is not restricted to docrafts Digital Designer™, your operating system (Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X), Adobe Flash Player and Adobe AIR.
  2. Ensure you have sufficient privileges to install software on your computer. On Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8 this may require running the Digital Designer in Administrator Mode. Right click the Digital Designer icon and select "Run as Administrator".
  3. If you receive an error message during disc import this could mean you do not have sufficient privileges or that you have run out of disc space.

    Note: Currently your library is stored on your System Drive (most commonly your C Drive) and this may not be where you installed docrafts Digital Designer™. You will require the free space to be on your System Drive or you must change the library storage location in Settings.

To uninstall Digital Designer


Use "Add/Remove Programs" or "Programs and Features" from your Control Panel and uninstall docrafts Digital Designer

Mac OS

Simply delete the "Digital Designer" file from your Applications directory

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