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Are my previous digital designer discs compatible with the new updated software?

When we started the redesign, we had to look at newer techniques and upgrade our functionality. This means that the new software allows you to use ALL your future discs with each other, and to craft across multiple brands and design elements. We are also continually developing and updating the software, so you will see regular updates (which are FREE) that will keep improving and building the tools and functionality of your new docrafts Digital Designer™

If you wish to use any images from the older versions of docrafts Digital Designer™ CD-ROMs you are able to load them into the new docrafts Digital Designer™ by launching the new docrafts Digital Designer, popping the old CD-ROM into your CD-ROM drive, press the "Photo" button and changing the folder to the CD-ROM and then navigate to the content folder on the old docrafts Digital Designer™ CD-ROM. We previously categorised the content in folders so it’s easy to find the image you are looking for. Selecting the image you want will add it to your current project. Watch the video at digital.docrafts.com/videos
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docrafts Digital Designer runs on Windows and Mac OS via Adobe Air. If you are having problems with Adobe Air you might find the following link useful:

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