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Digital Designer will not install

In the vast majority of cases, installation is a quick and smooth operation. Unfortunately no two computers are exactly alike. In order to get you up and running we ask that you read through our installation instruction and then reinstall. This can often rectify any issues, which affect functionality of the software.

If the installtion still does not work you can download the software from our website

Before installing please check you have the following:

  • Sufficient privileges to install software/make changes on your computer.
  • Your computer meets the minimum system requirements and is is fully updated (eg: do you have all the latest service packs & security updates & new downloads)
  • You have the latest version of Adobe AIR installed. At this time that is version You can confirm this by Right Clicking the Windows start button and selecting “Programs and Features”, listed here you should see Adobe AIR and to the right the version. If out of date a more recent version can be obtained from http://get.adobe.com/air.
  • If you have been upgrading one problem may be that an old folder is blocking the installation of a new version. Make sure the folders “C:\Program Files\Digital Designer” or “C:\Program Files (x86)\Digital Designer” do NOT exists. If found then Delete this folder.
  • Check that your computer’s system clock is correct. Correct the date and time if it is not current.
  • Your virus protection may be giving a false positive and blocking the installation. You may wish to temporarily deactivate real time scanning during installation. This is a last resort and you do this at your own risk.
docrafts Digital Designer

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docrafts Digital Designer runs on Windows and Mac OS via Adobe Air. If you are having problems with Adobe Air you might find the following link useful:

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